Major companies like Toyota, Samsung, Chevrolet, and Rogers always strive to find the right voice to brand their product. And that's why they hire James again and again - to bring people in, and keep them coming back.



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"I never said she stole my money"
has 7 different meanings depending on the stressed word. 



"If all my possessions were taken from me with one exception, I would choose to keep the power of communication, for by it I would soon regain all the rest." - Daniel Webster. 



James Andrews is a full time professional voice actor based in Toronto, Canada. He lived for many years in New York City, which made him tough, but a bit cynical. However, seeing as James was raised by pandas in the rugged Canadian interior, he has never lost his cloyingly cute, playful side - although he still consumes over 20% of his body weight per day in eucalyptus, which can be problematic from time to time. 

Does anyone even know why pandas eat only one thing? Are they high? I mean they certainly LOOK high. Like ALL the time. I'll bet they blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...


We know you've read like, thousands of these. And they all sound the f#&%ing same. Basically all you need to know is, James Andrews is an extremely sought after, versatile voice actor with a reputation in the biz for being awesome at taking direction and nailing it on the first take. He also has more range than Shirley Bassey on helium (Bam! See what we did there?). James is friendly, easygoing and is always reasonably clean and presentable. Smells a bit like Vick's VapoRub from all the eucalyptus, but it's not too bad once you get used to it.

James Andrews is a proud member of ACTRA, and is available for commercial, promo, animation, video games, e-learning, audiobooks or whatever your blackened little heart desires. Thanks and have a boss day.

FUN FACTS: James also teaches voice acting at EDGE STUDIO in New York. His background in speech-language pathology completes the unique skill set that he brings to voiceover education. He is available for private consultation and coaching upon request.

James worked as a speech-language pathologist for several years. He holds degrees in English Literature, Education and has a Master's degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. They don’t give those to chimps, ya know (or pandas for that matter).


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